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Tuition and Fees Schedules

Tuition and fees rates apply regardless of the instructional mode (that is, whether in-person or otherwise) and will not be refunded in the event the instructional mode changes during the Academic Year.

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For the Fall and Spring semesters, Resident Instruction students taking World Campus credits will be billed the Resident Instruction tuition rate based on their primary campus location. If a full-time Resident Instruction student registers for World Campus credits, no additional charge will be charged for the World Campus credits. Part-time students will be charged tuition for World Campus credits based on the student�s primary campus location. Some World Campus courses may be excluded.

Summer tuition will be billed on a per credit basis, up to 12 credits. The cost of the course will be dependent upon the course location, student residency, student level (lower division, upper division, or graduate), and program college. The cost of tuition will be based on the first 12 credits scheduled. To view the tuition rates for courses during Summer Session select Summer for the semester choice above and the location of the course.

If you are a World Campus student and would like more information about World Campus tuition, please go to:

Mandatory Fee *:

Tuition for the three academic years in the Integrated MAcc Program is at the undergraduate-level rate for business students as set by the University. Students will continue to pay the undergraduate-level tuition plus a MAcc tuition differential of $4,750, billed evenly over the first four semesters in the MAcc Program.

* ALL students (student teaching, co-op programs, etc. inclusive) are also charged a Student Initiated Fee.

* NOTE: Beginning in Fall 2019, these fees apply to graduate students enrolled in courses numbered 601, 610, or 611.