Penn State University
University Budget Office

2017-18 Tuition and Fees Schedules

Tuition Rates: Fall/Spring 2017-18 Summer
  University Park PA Non-PA PA Non-PA
  Altoona, Berks, Erie, and Harrisburg PA Non-PA PA Non-PA
  Beaver, DuBois, Fayette, Greater Allegheny, Mont Alto, New Kensington, Wilkes-Barre PA Non-PA PA Non-PA
  Brandywine, Hazleton, Lehigh Valley, Schuylkill, Worthington-Scranton, York, and World Campus PA Non-PA PA Non-PA
  Medicine, Law, and Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies PA Non-PA PA Non-PA
  Abington PA Non-PA PA Non-PA
  Shenango PA Non-PA PA Non-PA

Resident Instruction students taking World Campus credits will be billed the Resident Instruction tuition rate based on their primary campus location.

If a full-time Resident Instruction student registers for World Campus credits, no additional tuition will be charged for the World Campus credits. Part-time students will be charged tuition for World Campus credits based on the student's primary campus location.

If you are a World Campus student and would like more information about World Campus tuition, please go to:

Mandatory Fees *:
Information Technology Fee: Fall/Spring Rates Summer Rates
Student Initiated Fee: Fall/Spring Rates Summer Rates

All Information Sciences & Technology Approved Minors - One time fee of $750.00

* ALL students (student teaching, co-op programs, etc. inclusive) are also charged an Information Technology Fee and Activities Fee. Students attending Great Valley are excluded from being charged an Activity Fee.

* NOTE: These fees do not apply to graduate students enrolled in courses numbered 601, 610, or 611.

* NOTE: The student facilities fee has been established effective with the Fall Semester 2008 to provide a funding source for capital projects designed to enhance student activities, fitness and recreation. Projects to be undertaken at each campus will be identified by the appropriate campus officials. Student input will be obtained in determining priorities and ideas for potential projects through campus advisory groups that represent all constituencies.