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2007-08 Tuition and Fees Schedules

Select Residency, Semester and Location:

As of Summer 2007, Resident Instruction students taking World Campus credits will be billed the Resident Instruction tuition rate based on their primary campus location.

If a full-time Resident Instruction student registers for World Campus credits, no additional tuition will be charged for the World Campus credits. Part-time students will be charged tuition for World Campus credits based on the student's primary campus location.

If you are a World Campus student and would like more information about World Campus tuition, please go to:

Mandatory Fees *:

All Information Sciences & Technology Approved Minors - One time fee of $750.00

* ALL students (student teaching, co-op programs, etc. inclusive) are also charged an Information Technology Fee and Activities Fee. Students attending Great Valley are excluded from being charged an Activity Fee.

* NOTE: these fees do not apply to graduate students enrolled in courses numbered 601, 610, or 611.